Where Is Your “There”?

Have you ever asked someone where he or she going and the person answered “there”? And you asked again, “where is there?” Yeah, I know how annoying it can be sometimes when people give such a cheeky answer.

Truth be told, there is “There” we all pursue every day of our lives. This is the place we want to get to a few days, months or years from now. That is the point at which we can find fulfillment and joy. For instance, an ambitious young lady who is so enthusiastic about gymnastics will probably envision herself performing at the Olympics someday. That is her “There.”

Similarly, at any point in our lives, we envision ourselves becoming or achieving something. Have you taken time to really understand what it is you want to achieve? Have you spent time knowing how to achieve it?

The place of desire is a beautiful place to start anything in life, but definitely not a place you want to remain. So it is time to find the vehicle that has the ability to carry you to your destination. Fuel it and nurture it so that it can take you “There” successfully.

Success requires a lot of work and patience. But when you lose focus on your destination, you may not know when you get there. Focus on your dream because it is achievable. You will get THERE.

This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei.
Where Is Yout There?

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Focus On Your Abilities.

Alek Wek once said, “Don’t focus on negative things; focus on the positive, and you will flourish.”

Take a moment and think of all the positive things about you. Think of how you help others and how you are able to use your gifts to bring hope to others. Think of how your experiences have helped groom you into who you are today.

Does this help you realize how many great abilities you have? We live in societies where more attention is placed on the negative than the positive. But from today, you can choose to do the very opposite, focus on the positive.

Focus on what you can, not what you cannot do. On who can be, not who you cannot be. Think of how to use your gifts, talents, and ideas to influence the world around you. You know why? You magnify what you focus on.

The more you focus on the great things inside you, the easier it become for you to express them. You can improve your life and that of those around you if you will no longer pay attention to the things you are not equipped in and decide to bring out the best of what you have until it becomes big enough for everyone to benefit from.

You have all it takes to be great. Tap into your potentials one day at a time.

This is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei

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Don’t Rise Alone.

Motivational speaker, Les Brown once said, “help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

We all have great dreams we want to achieve and that is a good thing. It is good to dedicate your life to pursuing the purpose of God for your life. There’s a rapturous joy that comes with knowing you are doing what you were born to do.

If you have not yet discovered what yours is, I hope you do so soon. But more rewarding, is when you make a personal decision to do this with others. It could be a friend, family member or neighbor who has given up on themselves.

We are surrounded by people who believe they are worthless and as a result, won’t even take the step. Others have been discouraged and as a result, have given up on the pursuit of what they are passionate about.

I want to encourage you to help these people rise. Don’t leave them there. it is a pleasure to help someone discover his/ her treasure. You can use your voice, influence or whatever you have to help a falling brother or sister, auntie or uncle to rise again to the realization that they can achieve it if they can put their minds to it.

Remember, the best gifts in life are not the ones we receive, but the ones we give.

This is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei. Stay Inspired and Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. Thank You.

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Your Gifts Have Multi-Purposes.

John Gardner once said, “True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talent.”

As people, we know one way or the other that we are gifted. Some a gifted in the area of music, while others are gifted in the area of sports. There are people like my mother, whose meals are so palatable, we cannot stop fantasizing about them.

But there is also a problem, where some people think they are not gifted enough. The truth is, one gift is enough if we can diversify it.

For instance, if a lady is on her game in the kitchen, she can take it public and turn it into a restaurant. She can be a teacher in a vocational school, teaching more people her recipes. At the same time, she can also start her own food label. Just one gift, but lots of channels to make both money and impact.

What we really need is not more gifts and talents. What we have is enough. What we need is more ideas on what to use these gifts for. Take your time, be more hungry for ideas and when God gives them, please use them. If you can discover more things to use your gift for, you will live a more fulfilled life and your heart will be free from being jealous of “some” people.

Put the full potential of your gifts to use. Like Gardner said, you’ll soon find happiness.

This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei.
Your Gifts Have Multi-Purposes. Stay Inspired and please leave your thoughts in the comment section. Thank You.

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When You Feel Like A Prey.

Napolean once said, “Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.”

As people, there are moments in our lives, when we all feel incapacitated by the circumstances we face. Even though on the inside we see the evidence of a giant, we can only express the power of an ant on the outside.

There are people who seem to be abused by everyone and everything they come across. They lose every battle they fight and miss out on every opportunity God brings their way. It looks like they have been outrun by the people they used to outrun.

It may look like you have become a limitation to the people who used to look up to you for inspiration. But have you ever heard the saying, “God is not done with you yet”? Don’t give up on your dreams.

You may have lost your focus at some point in time. But it is about time you get back to your craft. You may feel too weak to go on but that does not mean you can’t. Like Napolean said, you have to go on, even when you are too exhausted to. Keep pushing anyway.

There is too much light in you to not shine. The world awaits your Impact.
This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei.
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The Hunger To Be Useful.

Actress Zoe Saldana once said, “I just want to be part of great stories that are told and for them to be relevant.”

Have you taken note of the fact that, all people, irrespective of who and how they are, have a desire to be relevant? Men want to be seen as Men and given the respect they deserve. Women, on the other hand, want to be appreciated and celebrated for their great contribution to different life endeavors.

We all want to do something with our lives: be it getting a better paying job or using our gifts more effectively, among several others. Having such desires is a good thing. If you don’t have them, you should soon.

In spite of these powerful desires and the discovery of great potentials that sit in us, there many who are not taking actions. It is a good thing to have great desires. The question though, is, what are you using the desire for?

Get to work. If you can sing, sing. If you can run, run. Even if your abilities seem to be so little in your sight. start using them and magnify them along the way. You can make it and you will when you make a conscious decision to start a good thing.

When you are hungry for food, you do anything to satisfy it. When you are thirsty, you do anything humanly possible to have something to drink. Why are you relenting on your dreams? Get out there and use that gift. Remember, people are truly celebrated for pouring out their all faithfully to a worthy course. Use the gifts God has blessed you with Worthily.

You Can Make It.

This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei.

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Put Your Passion Into Practice.

The first question you should ask yourself after reading the above title is, “what are you passionate about?” Yo-Yo Ma, a recording artist once said, “Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity because if you are passionate about something, then you are more willing to take risks.”

The You! in you is the passionate type that knows how to use available resources to produce something more profitable. Known to you alone are some of the finest gifts and talents that when effectively tapped into, can birth a greatness beyond your wildest imagination.

The sad thing though, is that so many people know what their passion is, but are either unwilling or not aware of what to use it for. There are people who can sing and even the tough in heart are put to tears. There are people like my mum, who when the aroma of their meal reaches even the tip of your nostrils, you will break your fast but they are not using this passion as God will have them do.

It is good to be content with where you are, but not when that is not where God wants you to be. If you are great in a sport, take it to the next level. If you have written a song, sing it. What is your passion? What are you using it for?

One principle I live by is, if you are not doing something with it, you were never passionate about it after all. The key to bringing the greatness in you out is by Putting Your Passion Into Practice.

This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei. Please don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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