Knowledge Fuels Dreams.

King Solomon, said to be the wisest man to ever live once wrote, “I devoted myself to study and to by wisdom, explore all that is done under Heaven…” [Eccl. 1:13]

Being a dreamer who does not study the pattern, required skills, successful people and the needed techniques of his or her field of endeavor, will only fulfill his/her dream by imagination.

Thank GOD that you have a dream. Something that drives your decisions and negotiations. But if you don’t know how to make it happen, you will frustrate your mind  and heart.

Who are your role models? Or better still, who should be your role model? Learn from them by reading their books, attending seminars if you have the opportunity to. Talk to the people around you who are making a conscious effort to achieve their dreams. And learn from them.

Get all the  knowledge you need today. That is the key to the standing ovation you desire in the future. Like King Solomon, devote yourself to study and to explore what is needed to fulfill your dreams.

This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei.

Knowledge Fuels Dreams.

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What Are You Investing In?

Summer Davenport once said, “The investment we make in ourselves will always deliver the most profitable returns”.

Having a dream–something to pursue– is a good thing. It keeps you busy, having something to actually live for. It inspires you, helps build your self-confidence and many more.

Because some people chose to pursue their dreams and at one point in their lives invested in themselves, the world has idolized them today. Nobody gets to the top without self-investment. Are you investing in your self?

Who are you listening to? Who are you watching? What are you reading? Are they an investment in your future? Remember, time wasted bring regrets but time spent brings great results.

If you TRULY believe in your dreams. If it is in your heart and not just your mind that GOD can make you great, act like it. How? By investing in Yourself. That is how you get ready for stardom.
Remember, nobody becomes a star without self-investment.
You can make it.
You will make it.

This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei.
What Are You Investing In?

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Don’t Stop Being Good.

Guler Sabanci once said, “Being a good person and fair person is very important in life, I think.”

Seated deep inside every individual is the desire to be good. Be it on the job or at home, we all not only to experience good deeds but to be a part of it. But quite, unfortunately, life’s experiences have made so many bitter.

In an effort be kind, good and helpful to others, some people have been hurt. Some put their lives on the line for friends, only to be betrayed. For these and many other reasons, so many of our population has become “incompassionate” to their fellow human.

What you need to know is, no matter how much you’ve been hurt, unappreciated, betrayed and fooled, forge ahead in doing good. Don’t be defined by your experience, rather, use it for the good of humanity. It takes good deeds to make our world a wonderful one.

You never know how many tears will be wiped, smiles will be worn and hearts will be warm because you choose to be good regardless of your experiences. The world needs one more person who will be GOOD regardless. Could that person be you?

This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei.
Don’t Stop Being Good.

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Don’t Waste GOD’S Gift.

GOD has placed HIS greatest investment in you. He has placed in you all it takes to shape your world to the beauty it needs. Deep inside of you lies wells of greatness, whether you believe it or not.

The most important question though is what are you using the gift for. Did you know that everytime you hide your gifts and talents from the world, you hurt it?

Have you ever listened to a song or watched a movie from which you took courage to move on? In the same way, someone is waiting for you to make a move. Someone’s encouragement lies in you.

Don’t deny your generation and the next the privilege of seeing what GOD can do with a person. Whether you can sing, write, act or just make people happy, do it. Are you blessed with wisdom, use it.

Let the monster of creativity in you rise. Give your gift as a gift to the world. You are special. You are needed. Do something.

This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei.
Don’t Waste GOD’S Gift.

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Who Is Your Counselor?

King Solomon once said, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers, they succeed.” (Proverbs 115:22)

Every dreamer needs a plan to execute his or her dreams. Without a solid plan, nothing built has the chance to stand the test of time. Planning is often equated to winning and that is true.

But is also true that two heads are better than one and as a result of this, it is often advised that we seek counsel from others. Counselors bring another perspective to the situation. They help us navigate the tough situations.

With all the benefits of having counselors around us, there are also vices. A counselor can direct you in a way that will lead to your destruction. Have you ever listened to someone’s advice and at the end of the day, you wished you never did?

Your dream is a crucial part of your life. Your dream is your “possible” future and you should be careful who is telling you what to do about it. You have the capacity to be the greatest at what God has called you to be but bad advise can cause you to miss it.

Promise yourself to be careful of who you give the permission to advise you. An advice can either bring you glory or disgrace. Dreamers need advice, but not all advice is worth following.

This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei.

Who Is Your Counselor?

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Offer What You Have.

There’s a verse in the Bible that says, Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”

[Acts 3:6]

Looking at the above verse opens my heart to many things. There was a beggar at the  Temple gate called Beautiful. Unfortunately, he was lame and poor. He sat there begging for money, hoping to get something to afford a meal.

God being so good, two of the Apostles–John and Peter–were at the Temple that day. Immediately he saw them, he asked for money. But the Apostles did not have money. All they had was the power to heal, which they received as a gift from the Holy Ghost.

Yes, he asked for money, but they healed him. Everyone can at least, once in his or her life, relate with this. People make demands of us always and sometimes, we can’t give what they ask for. But that does not mean we have nothing.

For instance, when you put Lebron James in a surgery room to operate on a dying patient, you will call him dumb. But put a basketball in his hand and you will praise God for the genius he is. The point here is, you cannot give the world everything, but you can give what you have.

Search within yourself for that thing God has given you and share it with the world. If it is a song, the world is ready to hear it. If it an invention, the world awaits you. Let the light in you shine. You don’t have to be the best. All you need is to be generous enough to share with the world what God has placed in you. That is when your true glory and beauty will be seen.

This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei.

Offer What You Have.

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It’s Okay To Disappoint Others.

Diego Luna once said, “You don’t want to disappoint anybody, but you know, you lose your voice by trying to please everyone.”

Unfortunately, there is a pressure society places on us to please everyone. We are somehow required to do everything, but what we desire. There are professionals in the engineering, medical and other fields who are there because “someone” said so.

One thing we have to understand is, God created us with the ability to have expectations. People will expect you do something, whether good or bad because it’s their nature and you can’t deny anyone of this.

You know yourself, what you want to achieve and where you want to see yourself. The amazing thing is, you may be the only one seeing it. And people will try to discourage you from doing You! As long as what you are doing is not evil, do it anyway.

Don’t be blown away from your dreams. It is okay to neglect what friends and others want you to be and be just what you see yourself. Be what will make you proud. Accomplish that thing that makes you giggle when you think about it. You have the capacity to achieve the dream in your heart.

You Will Make It. Just Take It One Day At A Time.

This Is Inspiration For Elevation w/ Calvin N. Kwei.

—-It’s Fine To Disappoint Others—

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